No Age Limit to Learning

For anyone who simply wants to try out the wonderful sport is welcomed no matter what your age is. For anyone who wants to better their tennis game is welcomed here!

We Are Dedicated to Finding the Best Location For Lessons

We know how hard it is to drive to and from a location that is out of your way. We are dedicated to finding the best place to have you and the coach meet for the tennis lesson. We want to work with you not against you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide anyone that wants to learn how to play tennis at a beginner or advanced level. We want to provide you the knowledge and help with our professional coaches. We want to create an academy that you can trust. We want to share the lessons we have learned with you. So, come join us by contacting us! What are you waiting for?



Personalized Private Lessons

The personalized private lesson is all about one student and how to make a good student become great at tennis.


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private lessons are a great environment to have siblings or friends take a tennis lesson together. They will be able to play together and learn together with a coach.


Group Lessons

Group lessons are a fantastic way to try out tennis. This is also a great way to keep you active. We try to create a safe place for you to try out tennis with three or more other students. 

Coaches and Staff


Melissa Clark

A.K.A. Momma C. She is the head of the academy. She started the Clark legacy. She is a parent to seven girls and the majority of them play tennis. She Has a real love for anyone she comes in contact with.


Paul Clark

Paul Clark is the husband to Momma C. He is our CTO (Chief Technology Officer). He and his sister played and coached tennis. He Has a real love for the sport.


Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark is one of our head coaches. She is great with everyone from ages 3 to 99! She played in college on a tennis scholarship and is now studying to be a physicist.


Mary Clark

Mary Clark is the Business Manager and part-time head coach. She is here to keep everything in order and lend a hand. She played tennis in college on scholarship as well. She is finishing her degree in business management.